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In 1993, Peeples Valley was part of Southern Yavapai Fire Department in Wilhoit, AZ. We had no building at that time. The fire trucks were parked on the street, and we had to empty the water trucks in the winter to keep the water from freezing.

In 1994, Bob Brandon was Fire Chief and suggested that we become our own department. On April 4, 1996, each group signed the separation agreement to become two distinct and separate entities.

A grant became available from the Yavapai County Supervisors for “Community Projects.” With multiple efforts from the community and Yavapai County, and the department was awarded the grant money. The ground-breaking ceremony for the new fire station and community center was on August 22, 1998.

The Board of Supervisors’ grant contributed $60,000 for the building, community members contributed more than 7,000 man-hours to the complete the building of the station.

A large group of volunteers, including the board and firefighters, canvassed the Peeples Valley area residents to get the 51% of signatures required to become a district. The Peeples Valley Fire Department became a district in August of 2000.