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Our member-based committees include the following: Events, Funding & Grants, and Community Outreach & Membership. These committees will be advisory in nature and centered on discussing ideas, updates, and suggestions related to their focus with the purpose of bringing proposals and plans to our monthly meetings. We will make time for Committee reports in each monthly meeting so the full membership is updated, necessary items are voted on, and all members have full opportunity to participate in any & all Auxiliary events, activities, etc.

Each Committee should decide on the committee meeting cadence and structure, with meetings called as needed and a minimum of three members (more is better!) per Committee to include at least one Board member. This Committee structure will provide members with the opportunity to serve on the Auxiliary in a way that is most in line with their interests and play to their strengths, without being overly time consuming.

Note: All Auxiliary members assist with and support all of our events and outreach opportunities. The relevant committee will help organize and lead our planning efforts.