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Wildfire Danger Level

The Wildfire danger is now at level 4, VERY HIGH.

Please see the PSA (Public Service Announcements) button on the home for important fire conditions and restrictions information.

During these necessary restrictions, we want to ensure you are well informed and prepared. Please remember the following:
•    Limit the use of chainsaws, weed eaters, mowers, and other powered equipment to the morning hours when accidental fires are much less likely to occur, ending work at 10 AM 
•    A Burn Ban is in effect, and burn permits are suspended. Open fires of any sort are prohibited outdoors, although you can cook outdoors with propane or LPG-fueled appliances
•    Fireworks and the use of incendiary devices are strictly prohibited due to the potentially catastrophic consequences they can cause.
•    Welding and the use of oxy-acetylene torches are prohibited anywhere outdoors. 
•    Target shooting is also prohibited in our district and on State lands.
•    Smoking is prohibited outdoors unless you are in a barren area cleared of all flammable vegetation. It is permitted inside a vehicle or building. 
Shorten safety chains while towing trailers or vehicles to prevent accidental roadside fires.

For clarifications, please call the department at 928-427-9400 or use the website's “contact PVFD” link,